California Here We Come! | Los Angeles Photographer

I am very excited to be relocating back home to the Los Angeles area in less than two weeks!  We have been living in Charleston for the past 12 months so my husband can complete his neuropsychology internship for his PhD.  We are both celebrating that today is his last day of internship!  Congratulations, Doctor, I am so proud of you! :) This year has truly been a whirlwind bringing some very big changes into our lives.  The biggest, most joyful change this year has been the addition of our sweet baby boy.  I will be sharing tons of photos and anecdotes on the blog, like a proud mamma, but for now you can see his debut HERE.

I am so excited to get back to California and start working on my photography again.  I did a few portrait shoots here and there and a wedding during my time in the Charleston; but between my seemingly-never-ending morning sickness and the birth of my first baby, I haven't done as much shooting as I would have liked.  As I prepare for a new start in California, I am rethinking how I want my photography business to run and what I want to photograph.

I still love photographing newborns and babies and have been doing a lot of that lately with my baby.  Hopefully he doesn't get too tired of the camera.  I love becoming a part of a family and documenting their milestones, especially as they welcome their first baby home.  I consider it a privilege to watch those babies grow up and become big brothers and sisters.  So as I refocus my business, I definitely will continue photographing all things family-related {maternity, newborn, baby, children, and family sessions}.

I am thrilled to announce that I will once again be accepting wedding commissions.  I started photographing weddings professionally in 2003 and am honored to have documented over 175 couple's wedding love stories.  A few years ago I needed a break from weddings.  At the time I was shooting two to three weddings per weekend and I was exhausted and getting burned out.  So, I took a step back to breathe and regroup.  I wasn't sure if I would go back to photographing weddings again.  Then a little over a month ago, I shot my first wedding in two years.  And, guess what?!  I loved it!  I realized that I did miss being a part of such a happy day and being able to document once-in-a-lifetime-moments for each couple.  While I was shooting the ceremony and the couple's kiss {as well as their gorgeous details} I found that I couldn't stop smiling from behind my camera.  So, that's the brief version about why I am returning to wedding photography.  I will be accepting a limited number of weddings commissions in Southern California once I return to Los Angeles.

I am also very excited about some updates that I am making to my website.  You can check out a few of the changes HERE, but be on the look out for a complete redesign to the layout and the photography offerings.

In the meantime, California, here we come! We left as two and are returning as three!