Happy Birthday Little Beauty | Orange County Baby Photographer

It's a joy to photograph a family as they grow!  Last year I documented this wonderful couple's pregnancy with a gorgeous maternity session.  Then I got to capture the arrival of their sweetie, Miss L, with a very special newborn session.  Documenting her first birthday was so fun!  Her mama brought so many great outfits and props!  This session made me feel so sentimental to return to the same location exactly one year later and witness how much has changed.  It really demonstrated that the passage of time in a baby's life is so fleeting, they change so quickly, and how we grow to love them more with every passing day.  I was honored to photograph Miss L's first year - and look forward to documenting her family throughout the years to come.  After her practice with cake tasting during this photo session, I think she will be ready to dig into her cake at her first birthday party which is coming up soon! 20140127_00120140127_00220140127_00320140127_00420140127_00520140127_00620140127_00720140127_00820140127_00920140127_010