Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from our littlest Easter bunny!  We brought our little one to hunt for Easter Eggs this weekend at a family event at the park.  Poor little guy is cutting his first molars, but that didn't stop him from getting in on the action.  Note all the pictures of him chewing on things... he was trying his hardest to cut those teeth!  It was so funny to see the little babies sharing their Easter eggs with each other.  Some took eggs out of his basket and others dropped their eggs into his basket.  I think he was the most pleased to find the stick to play with and then deposit it into his basket.  Yes, he's all boy!  Between his auntie and his granna, he was all decked out for the event with his bunny outfit and special basket.  I keep thinking about what a difference a year makes.  Last Easter I was in labor about to give birth and this Easter we have a cute little bunny who is one of the biggest joys in our lives.  We just snapped these pictures on our iPhones, but I think we still got some cute ones to remember the day by. Enjoy!!