Locks of Love

I am making a big change tomorrow morning!  This change has been a long time coming and I am feeling equally nervous and excited about it.  I am having my long red hair cut short and donating it to a charity called Locks of Love.  They are a non-profit organization that makes wigs for children suffering from long-term medical hair loss from many different diagnoses, including cancer.  It takes an average of six people's hair donations to make one wig for a child.  The donated hair needs to be at least 10 inches long in a ponytail.  You can read more about what Locks of Love is all about and see before and after photos of the children on their website. Ever since I learned of the good works that Locks of Love does, I have wanted to be a part of it.  BUT, and there has always seemed to be a lot of "buts" surrounding this issue, I have delayed donating because I am very attached to my long red hair.  I know that might sound vain or silly, but if you have long hair, you know what I mean.  I will be painfully honest.  My long red hair is such an integral part of my identity and it's what people most notice about me and compliment me on.  My main excuse was that I wanted to have my hair long for my wedding.  Well, my wedding was a year and a half ago and I did get to have it long at the wedding.  So why has it taken me so long to just donate it?  I think I am scared of the outcome.  I wonder if it will it still look okay.  I wonder if I will still be unique in some way.

I am a very nostalgic, sentimental person, so when I was washing and styling my hair this morning I was thinking to myself, "Sigh. This is the last time I will be washing and styling my long hair."  And it made me feel a little sad.  I know, so silly!  I can grow it out again if I want to, but it still feels like an end.  I have come to the point where I have decided to focus on the joy it will bring to a child, rather than thinking about my own selfishness or insecurities.  One friend told me, if you don't like the short cut you can grow it out again, but those kids can't.  Wow.  That put things into perspective.

In this process, I will respect my sentimental and nostalgic nature and take some "before" photos for posterity.  I will be sure to share my before and after photos some time soon.