Sequoia National Park

As promised, here are some more photos from my camping trip to Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon.

Our tent was in the middle of all the gorgeous scenery.

The park rangers were very serious about storing ALL food in these bear-safe boxes. The idea of a visit from bears kindof scared me, but as you can tell we weren't eaten by bears. :)

"General Sherman is a famous Sequoia Tree in the park. It has the biggest diameter in the whole park. The next photo of Brandon standing on the tile circle shows the actual diameter of General Sherman. It was so impressive and awe inspiring for me to see.

Hume Lake was the perfect place to stop and picnic on our drive over to Kings Canyon ("The Little Yosemite"). There is actually a summer camp at this lake where I was a camp counselor a few years ago. It was so fun to see it again.

Some surprise visitors... should I become a wildlife photographer? No, I don't think so either. :)

This meadow in Kings Canyon was one of my favorite places of the whole trip.

I highly encourage anyone to visit these beautiful locations. I hope that it is as refreshing and renewing for you as it was for me. Enjoy!