::Visiting Kara in Colorado::

I finally planned a trip out to Colorado to visit my dear friend Kara. Kara lives outside of Denver in a town called Parker. We had such a fun, relaxing, full, funny weekend together (along with her golden retriever Sadie)! Somehow the whole weekend passed and I didn't get one photo of Sadie, so maybe Kara will email me one I can add to this post. If you ever want to feel loved all the time no matter what you do, you should adopt a golden retriever. Each morning I awoke to a dog sighing outside of my bedroom door just waiting for me to wake up. Apparently she enjoys having guests and wants to be with her guests all the time. As soon as I would wake up and open the bedroom door, she would be so excited and wiggly and happy. I couldn't help but smile. :) Kara and I did a lot of fun things... I included photos from out trip to the Crepe place that made the most heavenly crepes ever! We also drove up to Brekenridge and stopped in a few towns on the way up. Overall, I had a great time visiting Kara and Sadie! Thanks guys!

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