We're Married!

Brandon and I got married on December 8, 2008 at Temecula Creek Inn! We had a very small, intimate wedding ceremony with family and friends. We decided to see each other before the ceremony so we could take photos with good lighting at that time of day. We are so glad that we did because it helped calm our nerves to see each other beforehand. We had such an amazing day and felt so blessed to be together with each other and surrounded by our loved ones.

The first image is of our first moment together on our wedding day.

These photos are a few favorites from the day, but if you would like to see more you can watch the online slideshow posted below... just be patient while it loads.

A special thank you to all the people who helped make our wedding possible! Thank you to our dear family and friends for all of your practical help, emotional support, and for traveling to join us. We appreciate and love you and could not have done this without you! It was very meaningful for us to share this time in our lives with you.

Thank you also to Amanda, Melissa, and Kim from Jim Kennedy Photographers for creatively documenting our day through still photography and video. Amanda and Melissa took all these great photos on my blog! Thank you to Pete and Justin from Generations Entertainment for the great music and running everything seamlessly. Thank you to Amanda from Fantasy Floral Designs for adding beauty to our wedding. Thank you to Alison and Crystal and the staff at Temecula Creek Inn for making our wedding dreams become a reality. Thank you to Carina, of Flawless Faces, for making me feel beautiful all day; and to Lani for taking care of my hair.

Thank you for stopping by the blog to see our wedding. Please feel free to leave us a comment.