Katie | Bonita High School Senior Portrait Photographer

I had such a fun time photographing Katie for her high school senior portraits.  Her grandmother is is a dear friend of mine, so I have seen Katie grow up in pictures from an adorable preschooler to a gorgeous young woman.  When you spend time with Katie you can see that she is a remarkable woman and that her inner beauty shines as brightly as her outer beauty.  It was unusually overcast the afternoon we met at Laguna Beach, but that didn't stop us from splashing in the waves at the end of her shoot.  Katie- it was my pleasure to spend the afternoon with you and to document this important milestone in your life.  I hope you enjoy your senior year to the fullest! 20160918_00120160918_00220160918_00320160918_00420160918_00520160918_006

Zoe | La Canada Senior Portrait Photographer

Zoe was such a delight to meet and photograph! She is a rising senior at Flintridge Prep, in La Canada, and has some big plans in store for her future.  In my short time with Zoe and her mom, it was clear to me that she is a pretty amazing young woman.  She is well-rounded and splits her time and energy between several interests.  Some of which include playing on the water polo team and pursuing her love of English literature.  She was one of a select number of students from all over the world that was accepted to a special pre-college summer program at Brown University.  Zoe, thanks for trusting me to document this incredible and unique time in your life.  You truly have an exciting future ahead of you as you boldly pursue your dreams. 20160726_00120160726_003



Zoe's mom is incredibly supportive and loving to her daughter, so I wanted to grab a shot at the end of the session to celebrate their relationship and friendship.


High School Senior Portrait Photography

I have enjoyed photographing many high school seniors over the past ten years.  I always love the excitement, joy, enthusiasm, and passion that high school seniors exude during their portrait sessions.  They truly are at a launching point as they are about to pursue their dreams and begin their adult lives; and I feel lucky that I get to capture a unique milestone that will always be remembered. I'm excited to focus more of my energy on high school senior portraits and creating a fun, unique experience during their shoot.  I just finished designing a High School Senior Portrait Guide and have included a few screen shots below.  I'm looking forward to sharing more soon!