Circa 1983

Yes, this actually is me at age three!  When my parents came across this photo a while ago and gave it to me, I immediately knew that I had to share it on the blog. I guess my interest in photography dates back much further than I can remember.  In this photo I am shooting with my Fisher Price camera in my childhood bedroom.  Take note of 1980s icons: Strawberry Shortcake, Lite-Brite, Cooties Game, Golden books, and Mr. Potato Head all in one photo!  As I have grown up some things have stayed the same, like my love of photography and being behind the camera.  One thing that has changed since this photo  is my opinion that red clothing clashes with red hair (and I avoid wearing it)-- although many of my friends and family members disagree.  I love looking at this photo and can't help but smile when I see it.  Thanks for sharing a peek into my childhood, and not judging me for wearing red as a child.