Custom Designed Heirloom Portrait Albums | Los Angeles Photographer

Heirloom portrait albums are my favorite way to showcase and archive images from the portrait sessions that I photograph.  Though all clients do order digital images, most also choose to showcase their photographs in an heirloom album.  These albums are truly the best way to archive the milestone that was documented by the portrait session.  Years from now, when your children are grown, they probably will not load the disc of digital images into the computer and gather together to look through their baby photos.  However, I can definitely envision them taking this gorgeous leather album off the bookshelf and turning the pages to enjoy the images and hearing stories about when they were young. Each album is custom designed to display all 30 of the images from the session in a simple, yet artistic way with clean lines and large images.  No two portrait sessions are alike, so each album design is unique.  The pages are archival photographic prints, hand mounted into the leather album.  The pages are firm, so they won't get bend and get damaged, but they also are designed to lay flat across the entire two page spread.  The cover is made of luxurious, soft, black leather with beautiful texture.  Each album includes all 30 images displayed throughout 20 pages or 10 two-page design spreads.  They are available in an 8x8 inch format or 10x10 inch format.  These hand-crafted, custom-designed albums are one-of-a-kind and truly a family heirloom to cherish and pass down to the next generation as a part of your family history.

The images below are from a recent newborn portrait session, but images from any portrait session can be displayed in these heirloom albums.  Some clients have even featured select images from both their maternity session and newborn session in one album.  I plan to create an album for my son each year to document his childhood.  Consider how you plan to document your baby or child, so you can remember how precious they are at each stage as they grow.