Dearly Loved | Dana Point Newborn Photographer

I am pleased to introduce you to sweet, little Kassia.  She is already so dearly loved by her parents.  It's hard for me to believe that I photographed David and Alexa's wedding six and a half years ago!  Alexa was sharing with me how quickly those years have passed and even more so, how quickly the first two and a half weeks of Kassia's life have flown by.  I can completely understand that feeling when I look at how quickly the past seven months have passed with my own little guy.  I feel like he was this little only seven weeks ago and not seven months ago.  Knowing that time truly does pass at a crazy speed makes me find even more meaning in my work.  In a few more weeks she will start to interact with the world around her and barely even look like a newborn anymore.  David and Alexa, I am so honored to be able to capture these early memories that I know you are cherishing.  I am certain that you will be amazing parents and your love will continue to grow as your daughter grows.  It was so good to reconnect and see you again - and she is absolutely perfect. Congratulations!