Foster Parents of Four-legged Friends | Pasadena Pet Photographer

We are officially foster parents... of two personable cats that actually talk to you.  This guy, and his orange brother, joined our home a few weeks ago.  It was a rough adjustment for them the first week or so, but now they follow us around the house begging for us to rub their bellies.  Seriously.  Once you pet them for a moment, they flop down on the ground, beg you to rub their bellies, and purr loudly.  My parents moved to New Hampshire a couple of weeks ago and couldn't bring their cats along with them at this time.  Once their new home remodel is completed and they have a space for the cats, they will bring them to their new home.  The kitties will be living with us until Christmas at which point they will experience an extreme temperature shock by moving to a cold climate for the first time in their lives. I am surprised at how much I enjoy having them around and how much their silly kitty antics make me smile... especially when late night catnip is involved. Hilarious!  It's only been a couple of weeks, but they have already worked their way into our hearts.  This is one quick shot of Commodore Fluffy Paws (yes, my little sister named him when she was younger).  They both have tons of nicknames which include Commy, Gray One, and Chicken Comodori.  I am sure you will meet Butterscotch soon (aka: Butter, Butters, Butterball, Orange One, and Yellow).