Driving up the Coast to Hearst Castle

This weekend we took a little weekend trip up the coast to visit Hearst Castle.  Brandon's parents and sister flew into town from Georgia and St. Louis for a short visit.  Brandon and I had heard how breathtaking this castle and the views are, so we decided to check it out with the family.   The history of the Hearst Family's financial success was just as impressive as the ocean views, flower gardens, and architecture.  We went on a couple of tours that tell the history and it was so interesting.  During the tour we got to see inside some of the rooms of the castle.  I especially liked seeing the time period clothing from the 1920s and 1930s set out on the beds.  The clothing was from a time when the family would entertain distinguished guests, including presidents and famous actors.  If you ever have a chance to see it, it's definitely worth it.  Make sure that you go on the official tour where you can see inside the castle and hear the history.  I was happy with the pictures I got from my point and shoot camera.  It did a good job!

After staying the night in a cute guest house down the road in Cambria, we did some more touristy activities... including a visit to see the Elephant Seals on the beach.  They were just sleeping and soaking in the sun and they were just enormous!  In Cambria it was in the mid 60s during the day, so it was a nice break from the summer heat of Pasadena.  Can you tell how windy it was from our hair in the photos?

What a great little getaway weekend.  Thanks, family, for coming to visit us!