The End of Summer | Pasadena Baby Photographer

The end of summer brings so many sentiments and memories for me.  It signifies an end and a new beginning.  I have long felt that I get a fresh start every Fall.  The fresh start used to be revolving around a new school year, but now it signifies a time to refocus all of my efforts in life. When I was a kid, I would just stretch out the last days of August and try and make summer vacation last forever.  Inevitably, school begins after August ends.  I may not be a student any longer, but I still try to make the last weeks of August count before Fall starts.  I just wish I could still get new Fall school clothes like when I was a kid. :)

Featured below are some of the fruits of summer.  My dad and brother are gardeners with green thumbs and  grew these heirloom tomatoes this summer. The heirlooms are divinely scrumptious.  I have been using them in salads and roasting them with other veggies.  They are so delicious and full of the tastes of summer.  You may even see some of these photos featured on my brother's new website that is about to launch.  I will be sure to share it here.  Until then, I hope you make the most of your last days of summer, too.